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Guide to create a succesful mobile game in 4 steps

Mobile games are the most downloaded category of apps on the stores. In general, they provide the largest return on investment. In addition, a video game advertising can be an excellent marketing tool to promote the image of a brand. It is no wonder that many companies are considering creating a mobile game, but they do not necessarily know where to start.

Although the process of creating a mobile game is very similar to that of an app, there are some notable differences that deserve to be highlighted. So here’s how to create a mobile game in 4 steps. Continue Reading

What It Takes to Be an App Developer and How to Find Customers

Application development is a long and complex process, even when it’s a small project. Beside the technical aspects, we must also think about the business model of the future app, the app design, the testing phase and finally mobile marketing. Creating an application and ensuring its success is not easy. To do it at best, you have to form a good team consisting of: Continue Reading