Guide to create a succesful mobile game in 4 steps

Mobile games are the most downloaded category of apps on the stores. In general, they provide the largest return on investment. In addition, a video game advertising can be an excellent marketing tool to promote the image of a brand. It is no wonder that many companies are considering creating a mobile game, but they do not necessarily know where to start.

Although the process of creating a mobile game is very similar to that of an app, there are some notable differences that deserve to be highlighted. So here’s how to create a mobile game in 4 steps.

STEP 1. The idea of ​​your mobile game

The most important thing to make a mobile game or any other type of application is most definitely the basic idea. And this is the only step that no one can do for you. Since there is no magic formula for a successful game, it is also the most complicated and delicate step. You will have no guarantee that your idea will work until you have realized it and confronted the market. Before launching the development, it is important to know that it is very difficult to earn income and make profits with a mobile game, but … it’s not impossible, as many examples of successful mobile games show. .

To succeed, is it necessary to create an original game?

While the blinds reward original ideas, unique and innovative, but these are full of mobile games. As a result, it can be difficult to stand out from millions of competitors. So, what to do? You can take inspiration from an existing game, make improvements, new options, or whatever comes your way. If you want to be inspired by a game, it will be necessary to propose a better product to differentiate you. Many mobile games have taken over an existing idea and have succeeded. We only need to mention as examples the “bubble” or “puzzle” games, the true veterans of the history of games, available on all versions of consoles and mobiles.

Expand games

Candy Crush takes up the concept of the game Bejeweled, replacing diamonds with candies. King, the company behind the success of this game has put the idea up to date, eliminate competition and retain players.

The gameplay

Simplicity is undoubtedly one of the secrets to the success of the most popular games. Flappy Bird, whose gameplay is not limited to the action of “tap on the screen”, has been a worldwide success. We can also talk about Fruit Ninja. Although the graphics of the game are not so simple, it is the principle of the game that is extremely simple and easy to handle. However, this does not mean that you have to create a game that is too easy, but that the user should not need learning to get started.

In case the mobile game you plan to create is more complex, you could offer users a tutorial at the first launch of the game. In addition to being able to discover all the possibilities of the application and the combinations, the player will have the opportunity to enjoy the training mode.

Design for mobile games

One is tempted to say that design is more important for the creation of a game than any other type of mobile application. A game is not a practical product, but it will be used for entertainment.


The design will depend on the scenario of the game as well as its gameplay, so be sure to define these elements well before approaching the designers. Finally, if you opt for a flat design graphic style, realistic, or even cartoon type, know that Android applications and iOS applications have some important differences in terms of design that must be taken into account when creating your game. Let’s not forget that smartphones are not the only devices involved. It will be necessary to think of adapting your video game to the tablets.

STEP 2. Mobile game monetization

Mobile game development can be just as costly as development for any other platform. And since it is a question of a not insignificant investment, you will need a solid business plan to make it profitable. Let it be said: The monetization strategy is one of the most important parts of your mobile gaming project. So what options are available to you?

In-app purchases. Integrated shopping is the most commonly used method for monetizing games. Although only 2% of Android users make in-app purchases and a slightly higher percentage of iOS users, this remains one of the most effective ways to generate revenue.

The ads in the app. Many applications combine this technique with in-app purchases. However, you must ensure that the ads do not interfere with the game, as this may affect the user experience, make players flee and … hinder the success of your app.

The Premium version. You can offer a trial version to the user who will still have to pay to continue playing. This business model is often used for high quality games.

The paid download. This strategy is generally implemented for games that required a very high initial investment. These are mostly small amounts, with the exception of a few games that have been adapted from game consoles to mobile devices. Also, it’s important to know that Android users are less able to pay for apps than iOS users. That’s why it’s common to see an app that pays on iOS, but free on Android. Analyzing the different communities of users before making your choice of monetization is therefore essential to ensure a good return.

STEP 3. What technology to create a mobile game?

There are many technologies for creating mobile games, but not all are suitable for each type of project. Your choice of technology will have a direct impact on the performance and user experience of your game, so take the time to think about it. To help you in your choice, here is a list of the most used technologies:

HTML5. We’ve already talked about the benefits of HTML for application development. This is also valid for mobile game creation. HTML is compatible with multiple platforms, so one development is enough to create a game that can be launched on several operating systems: Android, iOS or Windows Phone. You will not have to hire separate teams of developers. The creation and testing phase will take less time and therefore will cost you substantially less money.

Native language. Development in native language, that is to say, specific to each operating system, makes the most of the capabilities of the phone or tablet. It guarantees that the performance and user experience of your game is the best possible. This type of mobile game development is always more expensive. Indeed, you must write a different code for each operating system targeted. This, of course, can not be done without specialized developers in each language.

Unity 3D. The famous iOS game Assasin’s Creed Infinity was created with Unity 3D. This is an excellent engine that is used to create video games for multiple platforms. Android is one of the main beneficiaries of Unity.

There are many other tools to create native, hybrid and multiplatform games like Xamarin, Marmalade or Cocos2d.

STEP 4. Find the developers specialized in video game creation

To create a good mobile game, you need … good professionals. If you do not know any, platforms can help you find a team to complete your mobile application or game project. We will be responsible for finding mobile application developers and designers for your project.

Let us advise you and, in a few months, your game will no longer be a project, but a real product ready to conquer the market.
What are the differences between creating mobile apps and mobile games?

Mobile games are just one type of application, but they do not follow the same creative process. A mobile user who downloads a game first and foremost wants to be entertained. Dictated by this need, the development of games presents three main differences compared to that of application of another type:

Technology. Compared to a basic application, a game requires higher performance, especially if it is complex. Depending on your project, you need to use a suitable tool for creating 2D games such as Marmalade and Cocos2d or 3D games like Unity.

Design. The design of a game is far more complex than that of a simple application. If the game is in 3D, it will most likely develop a scenario and realistic characters that are not always easy to animate. In addition, a dilemma arises of finding the right balance between the quality of the animations and their weight, because they must weigh little for your video game to work properly.

The performance. A poor performance can affect the gameplay of your game. For example, we can forgive Facebook for spending three seconds loading a page, but if the same thing happens in your game, the player may lose vex and give up your application.

Now, are you ready to create your mobile game? So your pens and pencils, and throw your ideas on paper! Remember that at any time you can register on our platform for help from professionals.