The best adult dating sites for Hookups (DoubleList – AdultFriendFinder – Wyylde)

If you are the type to prefer adult hookups, rather than the serious relations inciting the commitment for life.

If the marriage discourages you and you feel that this type of life lacks spice, there are many websites that will make you happy. They promote extra-marital relationships, naughty encounters and are very popular with the French. Today more beautiful than it is, that is to say that you want the pleasures of rascals, libertinage, adultery and other daring sexual practices are in silence, sanctioned by society.

Next Social Trend in the Social Affirm of the sex is ubiquitous, also in the rank of women’s women, sexual websites that self. This website has been created to ensure the confidentiality of the users of these platforms, especially regarding the protection of the anonymity of men and women in couples.

But despite all the efforts, it remains very difficult to manage 100% on the subject of the security offered, especially when it comes to personal data, confidentiality and respect for privacy. Among the multitude of naughty dating sites for adults, they have managed to make their mark by building a solid reputation. We compare serious sites dedicated to naughty encounters.

The best adult dating sites


If you are fond of extramarital affairs, interested in swinging, or if you are gay or lesbian, DoubleList is for you. To match you with the ideal profile, it is located on geolocation and advanced search. To become industry benchmark, with 1,800,000 monthly visitors and 54% men, DoubleList for each user of an environment and a photo environment to learn more. to be a very active community. The services we find on DoubleList are costs that have been generated and especially that have been reported and that have been very pleasant and clear in the management of the platform.


Party of the United States, this site specializes in extra-marital meetings has spread its tentacles to France and around the world is completely unique and pushed. All your fantasies are quickly answered on this platform animated by a giant community scattered on the globe which has 23 000 000 monthly visits only in France. For its success, AdultFriendFinder ( highlights its ability to maintain contact between its members consisting of LGBT, libertines, swingers among others with a ratio of 53% women.


Famous precursor of the domain in France, formerly known as NetEchangisme. This website lights the flame of its success with the organization of events that bring together its users in order to strengthen links and give a particular flavor to meetings. The members of this site appear very uninhibited and know how to get you out of your shell to let you train. Couples, swingers, gays, lesbians and bisexuals in her community are very open-minded. Wyylde (, it is not less than 20 000 000 visits every month in France with 52% men and 48% women. This site purely uses the major of the other sites, the geolocation and the advanced research to pair its users.


In addition to advanced search and geolocation, CasualDating ( the particularity of the photo of its users based on their sexual preferences and desires. This is the recipe for success of this platform that sometimes sees the other couples who end up spending the same passions and fantasies. These often explosive encounters are the success of CasualDating. This site account almost as many women as men with a difference of 1% in favor of women. Singles and libertines seeking extra-marital relationships are the ones who found themselves on this platform and were found a way to stand out. CasualDating accounts for approximately 202,000 French visitors each month.