Tinder, Happn, Once, Grindr …. : our ultimate guide to dating apps for the summer

Looking for a free app to meet the soul mate quickly? Chance: the modernity has sufficiently accelerated the meeting so that you reach your goals in a few days. And we will help you with our panorama of dating 2.0.

More than ever, the business of dating is flourishing. There are countless crazy concepts that promise you the “perfect match” to the latest detector of look-alikes. Adapting to your expectations, the fierce competition of apps should facilitate your quest: to find you, I tested everything to find love. My impressions, just for you.

1 – The Most Popular : tinder

Tinder (tinderrencontre.net) changed the meeting in our prudish societies. This time, it’s simple: we like, we swipe right, we do not like we push back to the left. In fact, after having located the mass of our possible targets, it remains only to choose according to the first name, the age, the few photos and the job that claims to occupy our contact.

With a little luck and a good photo sublimely retouched, you may have games. Understand: you and a user have decided to tolerate enough on a physical basis to make contact.


A density of users that has the merit of guaranteeing you at least one meeting, even in the countryside.
Some photos assuring you under at least some angles of the anatomy of your potential match.


The Superlike feature allows you to pay to warn that you are very very very interested in a user is at the limit of overflow.
The pure tradition of French courtier love is flouted every two games, you are warned.

You can download Tinder on iOS or Android.

2 – you will not escape the random streets: Happn

Since the appearance of Tinder, it is increasingly difficult to innovate in the general meeting. Happn did it with an absolutely terrifying concept: you remember this big heavy who deserves to make a small turn to the police station for harassment and who launched you a “HELLO MADEMOISELLE! YOU’RE CHARMING ! In the street yesterday? Well, thanks to your location and his, you can find him and talk about your common affinities in Czech auteur films.


The promise to find this love at first sight seen at the intersection of the office and McDo.
Finally an app to locate the most lacking of your loved ones crossed in the day.


Must go around the city four times a day to miss no one.
Being forced out of the house, unless you want to meet your roommate and tell him everything you have on your heart.

You can download Happn on iOS or Android.

3 – The application that changed the gay community: grindr

It has often been said that the LGBTQI community has always been one step ahead in their love affairs. It has been verified in terms of technology: Grindr was the first application in the world to integrate localization into the pursuit of the perfect man, thus changing the relationship of a community to its traditional meeting places.


To be able to discover the sexual orientation of the guys on whom we had doubts.
Discover in a semi-sociological mid-voyeuristic experience the extent of the sexual tendencies of tomorrow.
The streaming of Fashion Week streaming (?).


A slight obsession for love stories of fifteen minutes.
The nude pictures that are a danger to your privacy (porn revenge is penalized by French law recently).

You can download Grindr on iOS or Android.

4 – If you are old: Gleeden

Subway stations remember the bold commercials from the official adultery website. The campaign was attacked by fervent Catholics who systematically snatched the posters, that is to say if in this summer season you would be a frightful sinner to seek love.


The franchise network: we rarely saw someone promise you beautiful children and a house in Sologne.
The transgression peculiar to the principle of adultery alone: ​​perfect for a champagne and a hotel room in the middle of the afternoon, you will say that you were in a meeting.


If you were single, you would not be on this app.
Beware of Ashley Madison syndrome and its “hacking” feature.

You can download Gleeden on iOS or Android.

5 – To be sure not to match: Once

The French app with which we discussed, which is displayed with a match every 24 hours. At first, you should have no chance to find someone this summer. And why not finally? It will give you plenty of time to say all the bad things you think about summer love. Our top keywords for your tweets: consumerist, denatures the essence of love, commercial, singles-bashing. To your indignations!


Time saving is incredible when you only have to decide on one profile rather than prolonging our insatiable appetite for match.
Achieve even more unnecessary and scary your FitBit (thanks to him, the app measures your heart rate).


The app does not help us believe that we too have a fulfilled love life.
Let a third person judge for us potential matches. CD analysis: weird.

You can download Once on iOS or Android.

6 – the meeting between CSP +: Attractive World

You certainly know the principle: “it is good between people of this world”. The concept is even more depressing than that of summer love, but if you hate Bourdieu and you are convinced by endogamy, this platform for grizzled forties is for you. For this guide, I passed the test of fire by making me accept on the site.

My tips for achieving this:

A photo with an enterprising look and a small editing Snapseed.
A bio as long as the memories of General de Gaulle.
A passion for abstract art and the new wave.
A big dose of lies.


A little air of LinkedIn that allows us to find it easily.
Written profiles so that your own mother might want to match them.


But you are not your mother, run!

You can download Attractive World on iOS or Android.