Top 5 best dating apps for 2018

Dating sites do not know the crisis. With an upward trend for dating sites by affinities, singles have plenty of choices for serious dating. For the more naughty, there are also sites adapted to meetings based on carnal desire. Often these sites offer us applications in order to have the opportunity to meet a partner, even during a trip. By trying to stay in harmony with modern times with an always connected society, we wanted to make a comparison of different dating applications.

It should be noted that even if most do not require you to be registered on the site in desktop version, for others, this is essential. Let’s get together an overview of dating applications available on the market.



The famous American application of which we do not speak any more makes it possible to arrange appointments between members based on the physical and the tastes of each one. Available on iOS and Android, it will allow you to be in the young movement. With many features, Tinder stands out from other applications by its ease of use that goes straight to the point. In addition, the “Swipe” system educates the search engine to refine searches of members located in your area. Ranked number 1 of the most used dating apps, it targets singles 18 to 30 years who are looking for a fun meeting rather than a lasting relationship.


Badoo is an application that allows everyone to find a partner, whether you are heterosexual, gay or lesbian, everyone can find a soul mate, a partner of a night or even sometimes even befriend another member. It is this general aspect that makes this application, available on Android and iOS, which has been so successful throughout the world with 100 million registered since its creation in 2006. Badoo is a neat design, a functioning way social network and very diverse profiles since we can find registrants who are everywhere in the world. Ideal for young singles 18 to 30 years old, Badoo will be fun to use for unique dating.


Plenty Of Fish, the North American juggernaut of the meeting, is not lagging since the site offers us a mobile application available on Android and iOS. The application is 100% free, staying the image of the site, with communication features between members that are not limited. With geolocation, messaging and “like” options, the site is a strong competitor against Badoo or Lovoo. Its trendy and modern design allows the application to be in time with respect to its competitors. It is suitable for singles 18 to 40 years old who want to find the love of their life, or at least a partner for a lasting relationship.


Lovoo is an application that allows you to meet completely free first. A direct competitor of Badoo, Lovoo wants to be different in the way it has to offer features to its users that allow them to have a feeling of freedom in their choices. With advanced search including a freemium mode (which allows to offer paid features on demand), users of the application do not feel caught in a binding subscription cycle. Designed for singles of 25-40 years in search of love or hot parties in good company, Lovoo is strategically oriented more serious to put all the chances on his side.


Zoosk is an application synonymous with diversity and adversity. Indeed, it includes profiles of singles of different ages (18-55 years), different communities (gay, lesbian and heterosexual) and of different origins (the network is available on several continents). Available for download for all platforms (iOS, Windows Phone and Android), this application is thought to be accessible to everyone. Zoosk allows us to enjoy freemium (free with some paid options), however women have free features that the application offers. We find usual features like messaging, the function of “Like” (Tinder way) that allows to match, or an advanced search. The user base is usually in search of relatively durable encounters.