What It Takes to Be an App Developer and How to Find Customers

Application development is a long and complex process, even when it’s a small project. Beside the technical aspects, we must also think about the business model of the future app, the app design, the testing phase and finally mobile marketing. Creating an application and ensuring its success is not easy. To do it at best, you have to form a good team consisting of:

  • A project manager,
  • An application developer or, in some cases, a team of developers,
  • A designer specializing in app design,
  • An expert in mobile marketing and communication.

It is obvious that many project promoters do not have sufficient funding capacity to recruit so many experts. In this case, they will look for a versatile mobile application developer.

I am an application developer, but I also do mobile marketing …

It is true that to create an application, you must first know how to program. However, be aware that the technical aspects of application development do not concern your future client as much as the profitability of his project. It is by answering this concern that you will be able to stand out from your competitors.

Your portfolio is the first line of attack, but a well-informed client will not be satisfied with your technical skills, no matter how good they are. It will probably ask you questions about non-technical aspects of application development. Here are some essential elements to prepare yourself well:

Always specify which programming languages ​​you know, but remember that some customers do not know anything about mobile technologies. You may see panic in their eyes if you talk to them about C ++, Java or Swift. With this type of customers, talk about smartphones and tablets Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry …
Show what you have already done. We will never stop insisting on this point. Your portfolio, showing the applications you have developed, is the most important document to show your potential client. He will be comforted by the idea of ​​recruiting an experienced developer. If possible, put the link to the download page of each application to make it easier for the customer to find it. If you are a beginner, consider creating an application for personal reasons not to prospect empty-handed.
“I want to create a profitable application. How to do ? “. Be prepared to hear this question. Some customers will not be able to afford to hire a developer to handle the technical aspects of the project and a mobile marketing expert to develop a business model. Knowing how to monetize an app and how to define an m-marketing strategy can work in your favor, especially if you’re working as a freelance developer. This will allow you to capture the REAL needs of customers and therefore offer them a better solution for application development. In addition, seeing that you are ready to get involved as much as possible in the project, the customer will be more inclined to trust you.

App Design

Reconciling app development with app design is not always easy. Often, developers are faced with the impossibility of integrating into the application the design proposed by the designer. It also happens that the designer feels too limited by the technical constraints of the project to deliver a job that is satisfactory to him. By combining both expertise, you will allow the client to simplify the management of their project and, as a result, you will save time. An asset to be argued!

In short

Let it be clear: to be an application developer, in short, is enough to find projects, especially with a specialization in Android or iOS application development. You can apply for a position in a company where you will be part of a versatile team of developers, designers and experts in mobile marketing. As a freelance developer, you will rely entirely on your skills to carry out projects and, in this case, having another specialization will be very useful to find customers. For example, if you are an Android developer, you could learn how to make the app design. You will be able to support all the technical development of mobile application. But do not rush. Study what will boost your resume before investing your time in learning.