Kostenlose Dating-Apps: Mobile Singlebörsen im Vergleich

Online-Dating kann schwierig sein – was ist mit der Auswahl des perfekten Profilfotos, dem Senden einer charmanten ersten Nachricht, möglicherweise der Ablehnung und der Auswahl einer für Sie geeigneten Dating-Website oder -App? Aber wenn Sie einen hohen Preis in die Mischung werfen, kann sich Online-Dating noch schwieriger anfühlen.

Viele Singles haben das Gefühl, dass sie sich zwischen Qualität und Erschwinglichkeit entscheiden müssen, aber es muss nicht das eine oder andere sein. Wir haben die neun besten kostenlosen Online-Dating-Websites gefunden, die nicht an der Dating-Erfahrung sparen oder exorbitante Preise verlangen. Continue Reading

Free hookup sites that are actually free in 2019

The advantage of one-night dating sites is that all users are there to hookup and nothing else. The result is short, straightforward discussions, and exchanges that revolve around gender alone. What to do naughty encounters immediately. But for that, it is necessary to use reliable sites, serious and recognized for the good results which they make it possible to obtain. Continue Reading

The best adult dating sites for Hookups (DoubleList – AdultFriendFinder – Wyylde)

If you are the type to prefer adult hookups, rather than the serious relations inciting the commitment for life.

If the marriage discourages you and you feel that this type of life lacks spice, there are many websites that will make you happy. They promote extra-marital relationships, naughty encounters and are very popular with the French. Today more beautiful than it is, that is to say that you want the pleasures of rascals, libertinage, adultery and other daring sexual practices are in silence, sanctioned by society. Continue Reading

Feeld (3nder) The Tinder of Threesomes, How it Works

Some dream secretly,to have a threesome or meet a couple interested into swinging, ultimate fantasy curious heterosexuals or homosexuals, will soon have his app. After GrindR and Tinder, we propose to open the field of sexual possibilities with Feeld app (3nder), the app that connects couples and singles in search of online threesomes. Continue Reading

Top 5 best dating apps for 2018

Dating sites do not know the crisis. With an upward trend for dating sites by affinities, singles have plenty of choices for serious dating. For the more naughty, there are also sites adapted to meetings based on carnal desire. Often these sites offer us applications in order to have the opportunity to meet a partner, even during a trip. By trying to stay in harmony with modern times with an always connected society, we wanted to make a comparison of different dating applications.

It should be noted that even if most do not require you to be registered on the site in desktop version, for others, this is essential. Let’s get together an overview of dating applications available on the market.



The famous American application of which we do not speak any more makes it possible to arrange appointments between members based on the physical and the tastes of each one. Available on iOS and Android, it will allow you to be in the young movement. With many features, Tinder stands out from other applications by its ease of use that goes straight to the point. In addition, the “Swipe” system educates the search engine to refine searches of members located in your area. Continue Reading

Useful Dating Apps for Unusual Encounters

You have scourged Tinder, Happn, AdoptUnMec and Meetic without ever finding your happiness? If you are not discouraged and are still looking for love online, here are three dating apps that stand out from the crowd.

# 1 Feeld App

If you are a playful soul, Feeld will satisfy your speculative inclinations. Unlike the usual apps, the latter puts everything on the real. The goal, meet with couples for threesomes, immediately and in a specific place. We start by geo-localization in a public place (bar, restaurant, concert hall …), then we choose an index to share with the other users who are in the same place so that they can identify you: a tattoo in the back, yellow jacket, oily hair … everything is allowed! These indications allow to start the conversation quickly and IRL. For the more shy, this fun accelerator appointments, available on iPhone in French, English and Spanish, allows sending five free messages before moving to the paid version (  2.99 per month). Atypical, playful and concrete! Continue Reading

Tinder, Happn, Once, Grindr …. : our ultimate guide to dating apps for the summer

Looking for a free app to meet the soul mate quickly? Chance: the modernity has sufficiently accelerated the meeting so that you reach your goals in a few days. And we will help you with our panorama of dating 2.0.

More than ever, the business of dating is flourishing. There are countless crazy concepts that promise you the “perfect match” to the latest detector of look-alikes. Adapting to your expectations, the fierce competition of apps should facilitate your quest: to find you, I tested everything to find love. My impressions, just for you. Continue Reading

Guide to create a succesful mobile game in 4 steps

Mobile games are the most downloaded category of apps on the stores. In general, they provide the largest return on investment. In addition, a video game advertising can be an excellent marketing tool to promote the image of a brand. It is no wonder that many companies are considering creating a mobile game, but they do not necessarily know where to start.

Although the process of creating a mobile game is very similar to that of an app, there are some notable differences that deserve to be highlighted. So here’s how to create a mobile game in 4 steps. Continue Reading

What It Takes to Be an App Developer and How to Find Customers

Application development is a long and complex process, even when it’s a small project. Beside the technical aspects, we must also think about the business model of the future app, the app design, the testing phase and finally mobile marketing. Creating an application and ensuring its success is not easy. To do it at best, you have to form a good team consisting of: Continue Reading